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Travel Bursaries

The Society makes available bursaries, on a competitive basis, for travel that supports the aims of the RSPSoc.

The bursaries are primarily offered as a contribution towards the costs of student and younger members of the Society who are presenting papers at international conferences. Other, exceptional cases may be considered for an award. Bursaries are awarded on a first come, first served basis up to the limit of the budget provision in any one financial year of the Society.

The Society will normally only provide a proportion of the costs that the applicant incurs. Evidence of attempts to gain support from other sources is required when making the application. The committee is limited to awarding only one bursary per applicant in any one financial year of the Society. First time applicants will receive higher priority than previous successful applicants. Multiple applications for a particular event from one institution will not normally be fully supported.

Application forms are available (download travel bursary form here) and can be submitted by email at any time.  Applications sent by post may take longer to process.   A letter of support is required from a supervisor/person in authority who is knowledgeable about the purpose of the proposed travel.

Recipients of Travel Bursaries are required to undertake:

  • To acknowledge the support of the Society in all papers connected with an Award;
  • To submit immediately after completion of the travel a short, written report which will be suitable for publication in the Society’s Newsletter;
  • To repay to the Society any unused monies from an Award and
  • To take RSPSoc publicity literature to the conference for display in an appropriate place.


The maximum awards allowed for European students, for travel to particular regions of the world, are:

  • UK – £150
  • Europe – £200
  • Others – £250

Students studying outside Europe should contact the RSPSoc Office in the first instance for further information.

The decision to accept or reject an application is made by the members of the Awards and Professional Standards Committee. The travel bursaries do not need the approval of Council other than that the annual total cost should not exceed the amount approved by Council for expenditure on this item. The bursaries awarded will be notified in a report to each normal Council meeting. A certificate is not issued to the applicant as part of this award.

Past recipients

See Recipients of travel bursaries for the 2016-2017 period.

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