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UK National Earth Observation Conference 2018
-7 September 2018
University of

Plenary Sessions

The Future of Downstream EO. Chair: Terri Freemantle (Satellite Applications Catapult)

The Earth Observation industry is advancing at a rapid rate. Technological advancement in recent years have seen an explosion in the use of EO through the development of downstream applications – largely due the democratisation of EO data through open access that was previously unprecedented – resulting in the commercialisation of EO based services.

This influx of data has a led to mass innovation in the industry, opening doors to EO data for exploitation by non-expert users. This big data movement has resulted in the requirement to find faster, cost-effective ways to analyse EO imagery at scale – the data is acquired faster than we can process it, leading to the rise of innovative techniques such as machine learning, provision of analysis-ready data (ARD) and the adoption of cloud-based technologies capable of handling the enormous amounts of data currently being generated. Critically, it has been widely recognised that insights gathered using geospatial data are fundamental to delivering the Sustainable Development Agenda, putting EO technology in the spotlight like never before.

What does the future hold for the downstream application of Earth Observation? This session will bring together innovation leaders from all areas of the EO community who are tackling this issue first hand.


EO Applications for Government. Chair: Emily Gravestock (UKSA) & Farhana Amin (Defra)

Through programmes such as Copernicus, UK Space Agency's Space for Smarter Government Programme and the Defra EO Centre of Excellence, UK government departments, agencies and the devolved administrations are becoming increasing developers and users of EO products and services. This session will provide an update on important UK initiatives and will be a showcase for recent examples of practical applications in the public sector. 

2011. Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society
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